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Jaffa Models International we are always looking for new faces of all ethnic backgrounds. Not everybody can be a model.


To be a model you must be committed, dedicated and be flexible. Having a good personality is a must to work in the modeling industry. Your personality will count as much as your looks.  

Women between ages 18-25, height 5'8" to 6'. Thin healthy with fantastic posture.

Men fashion between ages 18-45, height 5'11" to 6'3". In good physical condition not over muscular, tone with strong abs/ good tone physical condition.

Becoming a successful model is not easy but it is very exciting and could be a great opportunity. To work in this industry you must be committed, dedicated and be flexible.

Models must work hard to look their best - having a healthy diet, taking care of skin and regular exercises are all essential. What you wear is also important. Looking great is only half the job and being professional is a must. This means showing up on time, having a good positive attitude and generally getting along with everyone at the casting or on a shoot.


Snap Shots need not be professional images. Clear digital snapshots of you looking natural. Please send us one clear face shot facing camera, one clear shot profile left, one clear shot profile right, full-length shot. No makeup and hair pulled back off of your face. NO accessories. Females: Wear fitted black tank top, black shorts or jeans. Males: Wear boxer briefs/swim trunks. If you don’t meet the requirements above or don't submit snapshots as requested, please do not contact us. Please submit your info, measurements, and snapshots by using submission form: Submission

If you would like to mail your photos to us, please send them to: 

JMI Jaffa Models International
3162 North Broadway Suite 2

Chicago, IL 60657

We will contact you if interested.

With best wishes from Jaffa Models International

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