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Height 5'11" |  Hair Black  |  Eyes Green

Arpad Cseh


Born in Eastern Europe, fluent in Hungarian and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago Arpad hit the stage runway and print modeling first for companies such as American crew,2Xist, and designer Paulie Gibson. Arpad soon after made the switch to acting and started studying in Chicago under Martha Lipowska on acting for commercials and scene study. That lead to some commercial projects for ECW/Wrestling and Kia Motors. 


After Graduating Arpad than took a huge leap moving to New York to further his skills and acting abilities studying with different coaches such as Sheila Grey for sensory training and Micheal Luggio for living on stage and theater. He then honed his dramatic skills and on-camera technique at the acting studio under the tutelage of Bob Luke. Most recently Arpad performed the role of a crowd member in the film how to be single. When he's not on stage or camera Mr. Cseh enjoys working out, running and attending acting class to improve his skills and his love for acting.


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