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Friday, June 28,11:30 AM to 1:30 PM



Jaffa Models International is currently searching for male and female models who are experienced as well as beginners. The company is looking for models from diverse ethnic backgrounds to fit the requirements of national and international fashion, runway, print, commercial, and editorial advertising.


The requirements for female models include a height range between 5'8 to 6' and an age range of 18-25. The applicants should have a thin, healthy body type and exceptional posture.


For male models, the height requirement is between 5'11' to 6'3'' with an age range of 18-45. The applicants should have a well-toned, muscular body with strong abs.


The applicants are welcome to bring their photographs for the company to review, but it is not mandatory to have professional photos. The applicants should wear form-fitting clothes to showcase their physique. Females should wear minimal makeup. Please note that flexible hours are a must to work in this industry. Jaffa Models International is excited to see you at their open call.





Jaffa Models International

639 W. Diversey Parkway, Suite 214

Chicago, IL 60614

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